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The most effective way of removing colour as well as White/Transparent/Synthetic contaminants including polypropylene from cotton in Blow Room of Spinning Mills.

Salient Features

  • Independent setting for sensitivity
  • Separate setting for delay timing
  • Micro Controlled based individual hardware for individual camera ensures continuous monitoring
  • Touch screen showing month wise graphic reports
  • Connectivity to external world
  • Interlocking facility between blow room machines against any fault like low air pressure
  • Audio siren and visual indication to call the attention in case of any fault
  • Any number of profile settings for different cotton can be stored
  • Capacity: 1000kgs/hr
  • Touch Screen software and machine micro controllers works as MASTER-SLAVE combination
  • A unique collection system eliminates turbulence to pick up and transfer all ejected contaminants continuosly to the bag
  • LNA Linearised Nozzle Array for better ejection
  • Multiline

    • Vetal scan when installed immediately after the Automatic Bale Opener and first cleaner can work for four different assortments of cotton in ABO automatically changing its settings on feedback from machine on cotton change
    • Flourescent Tube life counter to change when it is due


    • Supply Voltage : 440V AC, 50 Hz.
    • Power Consumption : Max 1 Kw
    • Duct Size in mm : 1000 X 100
    • Machine Size in mm : 1465 X 1000 X 2440
    • Compressed Air : 6 7 bars

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