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Universal Color Sorters for Grain Milling

Unwanted black, discolored, chalky (White belly) immatured, mouse, dropping, tips from par boiled, (Double boiled) raw, steam, rice are detected by line scan cameras flowing from hoppers through chutes and effectively removed by compressed air jets in a modern rice milling machinery plant.

Also applied for pulses dal(Toor, Urad) Grams (Black, Green, Yellow, Horse) Black Pepper, Coriander, Sesame seeds, Nuts, (Groundnut, Cashew, Almonds) Dry fruits (Dry grapes).

Salient Features

  • High Productivity in small Foot print
  • Auto Tuning facility
  • Auto / Manual Ejector Test Facility for individual valve
  • Tube Light life time monitor indicates remaining life time usable
  • Automatic stoppage of machine at no rice condition using hopper sensor
  • Separate LED indication for both sides of the camera sensing
  • Audio Alarm with auto reset in case of any fault
  • Triple Lamp post indicator used to categorize fault levels
  • PCB Communication Status / Error displayed as Machine Status
  • Individual PCB Version Number Display to track software versions
  • 100 Different profiles can be stored and recovered for easy usage
  • Separate Speed & Sensitivity for Primary, Secondary & Reflow
  • Individual ON & Delay Time Settings for every chute
  • Individual Vibrator speed offset settings to take care of vibrator to vibrator variations
  • Optional : Chalky can be removed


  • Channel : 150 Channel
  • Length : 1825 mm
  • Breadth : 1000 mm
  • Height : 1900 mm
  • Throughput Capacity : 1 to 2.5 Tonnes / Hr.
  • Compressor Requirement : 50 cfm
  • Supply Voltage : 230 V / 50 Hz
  • Power : 3 KvA

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