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The most effective way of removing colour as well as White Transparent / PP contamination in cotton through Direct flow in Blow Room of Spinning Mills.

Salient features

  • Unique Direct Flow Mode
  • Compact Design makes the system to embed in the existing duct line itself
  • Machine can be mounted close to the feeding Machine
  • Sensing closer to the beater makes the detection & diversion easier
  • Efficient diversion with nearby FAN setup
  • Modular design makes service & maintenance easier
  • Color Touch Screen Machine Interface for a better user operations
  • All the settings done from the Touch Screen making the tuning easier for the user
  • Ploysensor settings can be also done from the Touch Screen itself
  • Window for the value LED’s to see the ejection status of the machine
  • Stand alone option works with last working profile
  • Easy access of PCB, Which mounted on PCB mounting rail
  • Electrical panel kept outside the ejector assembly for better access and maintenance
  • Extra cleaning nozzle provided in the poly sensor absorber area to clean the cotton if any hanging
  • Audio Visual Alarm provided
  • Capacity up to 1000KG/Hr


  • Operating Voltage : 415 V AC + 10%, -15%
  • Operating Current : 3.0 Amps
  • Duct Size : 1000 x 75
  • Machine Capacity : 1000 KG/Hr.
  • Machine Size LxBxH : 710 x 1400 x 3330 mm
  • Machine Size – with working stand LxBxH : 1250 x 1400 x3330mm
  • Working Air Pressure : 6.0 Bar(Min)

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