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” Would you not like to separate some white PP impurities with least good fibre ejection? “

Vetal in the fore front contamination removal from cotton has added another methodology to detect white pp impurities exclusively.

YUVIS Features

  • UV reflective White Polypropylene, White Wool, White Paper can be detected from the white cotton.
  • System lit with UV Tubes creating environment of UV Online Inspection makes it feasible of detecting UV reflective objects from white cotton.
  • Special Optical Design for UV has been done which can identify the signal in the UV range.
  • Compact Design makes the system to embed in the existing duct line itself.
  • Modular design makes service & maintenance easier.
  • Sensing closer to the beater makes the detection & diversion easier.
  • All the Settings done from the Touch Screen making the tuning easier for the user.
  • Color Touch Screen Machine Interface for a better user operations.
  • Window for the valve LED’s to see the ejection status of the machine.

Note : Only UV reflective objects can be detected. Not all the objects.

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