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Cotton Contamination Cleaning Machine For Color & Poly propylene Materials
Universal Color Sorter
Photo Cell Units
X - Ray Inspection Machines For Food Industry
VETAL was established against a small Import substitution order for a photocell unit for carding 25 years ago to save huge foreign exchange. It was a challenge at that time to match in technology, reliability and to be very economical.

Today Vetal has emerged as a technology driven company-offering solutions for problems faced in the textile cotton spinning industry mainly in detection and sorting.

Detectors for silver break, roving break, lap break, web breakage gained popularity and became an OEM supplier for several machinery manufacturers. Customers started to trust us as a reliable source when quality spindle age was added to the industry.

Vetal is a 25 years old ISO 9001 : 2000 certified electronics group company manufacturing products in Coimbatore, South India.

1) Textile Industry - (Ginning, Spinning, Weaving)
2) Food Processing Industry - (Grain Milling)

Textile : Sorting & Detection Equipments for Contamination, Metal, Fire(Spark) in cotton used in spinning (Chute feed blow room with carding), Ginning .

Food Processing : Universal Colour Sorters for Grain Milling, X-Ray Inspection for Food Products
Cotton Contamination Cleaning Machine - Vetal Scan with poly sensor
The most effective way of removing foreign particles like feather, color cloth bits, discolored threads, cotton, yellow cotton, yellow fabric pieces by line scan cameras and high density impurities like white / transparent polypropylene, plastic, colored polythene bag fragments using sonic sensors (Acoustic / Ultrasonic sensing) Detected materials are ejected through high speed nozzles by pneumatic air jets. More ...
Dust & Fire Extraction Machine (DFEM)

Spark Detectors consisting of Infra Red Sensors (CAMERA) Detects ember in the pneumatically conveyed cotton/ synthetic fibers inside ducts, trap them and divert them to a quenching tank through an extra suction motor (Ventilator Fan) Coverage for continuouss, Automatic waste evacuation system, fiber compactors, filter rooms. More ...

Dust & Metal Extraction Machine (DMEM)
Electro Magnetic Detector detects small metal impurities like broken nails, pins, scrap, ring travelers etc., in traveling cotton and diverts them into a collection chamber without disturbing the production much thereby reducing damage caused on spikes, cleaning rollers and fire generation. More ...
Universal Colour Sorters For Grain Milling
Unwanted black, discolored, Chalky (White belly) immatured, mouse droppings, tips from par boiled, (Double Boiled) raw, steam, rice are detected by line scan cameras flowing from hoppers through chutes and effectively removed by compressed air jets in a modern rice milling machinery plant.

Also applied for pulses dal(Toor, Urad) Grams (Black, Green, Yellow, Horse) Black Pepper, Coriander, Sesame seeds, Nuts, (Groundnut, Cashew, Almonds) Dry fruits (Dry grapes) More ...
Blow room Photo Control Unit, Carding Coiler Sliver Stop Motion Unit, Draw Master Unit for Sliver Break, Back Creel Stop Motion Unit, Thermistor Protection Unit, Empty lap stop motion unit, Dual Timer. More ...
X - Ray Inspection for Food Products
Meat, Chicken, Beef, Instant Foods, Uncooked, Frozen, Ready to eat, Meals, Liquids, Syrups in Bottles, Tetra-Pak, Cartons, Granules, Powders, Tablets (Medicine) Pouches are inspected for unwanted materials like metals, broken bones, glass, plastic which might affect the quality and ruin the brand image. More ...
PLOT NO:1, Industrial Estate for Electrical & Electronics, Civil Aerodrome Post, Coimbatore - 641 014, INDIA.
Ph: 91-422-4030500; Fax: 91-422-4030555; E-mail: info@vetal.com
  Last updated : 21 / 08 / 2007