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Automatic Spark Detection and Water jet Quenching for bales.

Fire hazard in Spinning mills is widely prevalent due to high traveling speed of cotton in the ducts. Vetal in addition to the Fire Diversion System, Metal Detection System and Cotton Contamination Cleaning machine has brought out a novel arrangement to quench the fire on the bales.


BOFES improves the fire safety blanket in the spinning mill, It consists of following

  • Spark detector for the detection of spark in cotton
  • Air and water tank for storage to release high speed jet of spray water throw the Nozzles
  • Control unit for interlock, audio and visual alarm

BOFES Advantages

  • Acts as an Early warning System for fire. Since Water jet is used for Quenching, refill is easy.
  • The blow room can be put back into operation quickly.
  • In built fire extinguishing agent so dependability on other agents very less.
  • Serves as a pilot detector for other Fire Diversion System.

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