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Salient features

  • Camera : High speed, 5000 Pixel Trichromatic Color Camera with increased spectral response.
  • Resolution : 0.07 mm pixel resolution to detect very thin defects accurately.
  • Valve : Custom design, high reliability, fastest response 1ms valve with long lifetime.
  • Lighting : LED Technology – Consumes less power with increased life time.
  • Lighting : High brightness LED Light with adjustable intensity to detect object color accurately in broad spectrum.
  • Low Air: Facility provided to stop machine immediately when input air pressure becomes low, used to protect valve failure.
  • Touch Screen : 12 Inch Touch Screen with user friendly HMI.
  • Self Diagnosis: Automatic detection and reporting facility for PCB communication failure.
  • Valve Test: Automatic and manual valve test function to check functionality of machine ejectors.
  • Image Processing  :High Speed FPGA used to do image processing without any delay

Due to continuous product development, All features and specifications are subject to change without notice