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It works when you sleep or away.!

Storage houses be it small godowns or  big ware houses face threat of fire damages from the stored materials, poor handling or indiscipline.

Long range smoke detectors capable of detecting smoke particles can provide safety by early warning of a fire prompting us to react manually or interlock with suppression systems like sprinklers etc..

Distances upto 100 mtrs can be covered by one set of transmitter & Receiver fixed on either walls facing each other setting up an IR beam ray.

Rising smoke interrupts this beam ray raising an alarm and triggering the connected suppression system.

A big advantage over spot detectors or aspiration as it avoids cumbersome cabling  & piping running criss – cross.Touchscreen display in the control unit enables intelligent setting according to the smoke pattern, repeat peaking and categorise as warn,alarm or fault.

Genuine smoke detection helps to minimise nuisance activation.

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