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  • The Dust & Fire Extraction Machine is a Super Fast Automatic Diverter to trap and drive out the burnt materials from the pipe lines to a water tank very quickly using the extra suction fan. Detects small fires (even spark) in the ducts and divert the fired materials to a quenching tank.
  • Available for 220 / 300 / 350 / 400 / 500/ 600 / 800 mm Dia ducts.
  • The whole Blowroom and its connective section is tripped and the particular zone of fire flashes in the panel.
  • Can be accomodated / easily in the pipe line ducts having spacing of few metres.
  • Automatic system requires little maintenance.
  • Extends coverage to BLOW ROOM, CARDING, AWES/CWES, FILTER ROOMS, COMPACTORS in Textile Spinning.
  • More than 12000 installations

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