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“We occupy an important place between Cotton & Bale”

The most effective way of removing COLOR as well as WHITE / TRANSPARENT / PP /SYNTHETIC materials from cotton

Salient features

  • Wide Scanning Area
  • More Cameras & More Ejectors
  • Independent setting for sensitivity
  • Seperate setting for Delay timing
  • Micro Controller based individual Hardware for individual camera ensures continuous monitoring
  • 15 inches wide angle color graphics display
  • Online, hour wise, day wise and month wise graphic reports
  • Built in computer enhances any type of connectivity to external world.
  • Interlocking facility between blow room machines against any fault like low air pressure.
  • Audio siren and visual indication to call the attention in case of any fault.
  • Any number of profile settings for different cotton can be stored.
  • Capacity 1500 Kgs 2000 kgs / Hrs.
  • Independent zoning with line scan cameras focus the contamination directly and activates the nozzles to eject them, results in less good fibre rejection.
  • PC software and Machine Micro controllers works as MASTER SLAVE Combination.
  • Without PC Machine will work
  • A unique collection system eliminates turbulance to pickup and transfer all ejected contaminants continuously to the bag


  • Supply Voltage : 440V AC, 50 Hz.
  • Power Consumption : Max 1 Kw
  • Duct Size in mm : 1000 X 100
  • Machine Size in mm : 2065 X 1000 X 2440
  • Compressed Air : 6 7 bars

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