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Salient features

  • UV – Line Scan CCD Camera for removing the UV reflective & non reflective White Polypropylene, White Wool and White Paper from the white cotton.
  • System lit with UV Tubes creating environment of UV Online Inspection makes it feasible of detecting UV reflective & non reflective objects from the white cotton.
  • Auto Calibration – Better for long term stability.
  • Direct Cotton Sensing Technology senses the speed of the cotton from the cotton itself.
  • Fault generation provided for Low speed & High speed of cotton.
  • Lux Monitoring System to monitor the lux variations in the machine and alarm option given to trigger in case of low Lux.
  • Dust Accumulation Monitor monitors the dust level accumulation on the glass surface.
  • Auto Nozzle selection and Valve ON Time extension based on Contamination size.
  • Most ergonomically designed Model to reduce neps , and reduce suction loss, bends.
  •  Design based on High Response Valve realizes low good cotton in the rejection.
  • Three level lamp post – Green, Amber & Red to indicate the seriousness of the fault.
  • Enhanced detailed reporting facility provided to analyze Ejection contribution separately by UV – Side A, UV – Side B .
  • Ejection trend monitoring reports for Individual Valve, Hour wise, Day wise, Week & Month wise.
  • Graph Data View option provided to view the exact data which is plotted.
  • 1 Year Data back up is provided for the ejection data in the pen drive for analysis.
  • Log report provided to record the crucial actions in the machine with time stamp.
  • Auto / Manual Valve Test Facility provided to check the valve functionality at specified ON Time & Air Pressure.
  • Modular design makes service & maintenance easier.
  • All the camera working status is continuously monitored and Alarm generated if the camera do not perform.
  • All the camera signals can be viewed in the touch screen itself.
  • All the settings done from the Touch Screen making the tuning easier for the user.
  • 7.0 “ Color Touch Screen Machine Interface for a better user operations.
  • Capacity up to 1200 KG / Hr

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