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Technology and Concept

The Laser Beam Detector is designed to form A Cross matrix of laser beams which will travel in the pallet to pallet gap. A Laser transmitter will transmit the Laser light which will travel up to the receiver which will detect smoke crossing the laser beam. The algorithm will identify the smoke based on the duration and pattern of crossing_ The smoke crossing will disturb the laser beam intersection which will identify the location of fire_ Alarm of possible smoke will be generated In case of single beam cross and In case of dual cross. smoke alarm will be Initiated.

Spark detectors detect small sparks that travel in the conveying ducts of raw material/waste material and can be trapped, diverted or suppressed with water spray as per the requirement.

Salient Features

  • Laser Beam Technology is designed to cover all the individual pallet
  • No detector is Ponied between the pallet which makes the maintenance easy
  • Since only the laser beam travels between the pallet, no damage is expected in case of fire and hence immediate recovery of Fire protection system JS possible
  • Maintenance can be done even when the warehouse is fully functional
  • Option for addressable ejectors to quench fire is possible if required

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