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Infra Red Photo Cell

1 Blow Room Photo Cell Unit ERM – 1001 Blow Room
2 Coiler Sliver Stop Motion Unit OF- 01,OF- 02 Carding
3 Draw Master Unit for Sliver Breakage DM-01, DM-02 DrawFrame
4 Photo Control Unit for Draw Frame Coiler End PC-03,PC-04,DFC-01 DrawFrame
5 Photomaster for Roving,Creel End Stoppage PM – 05 SpeedFrame
6 Thermistor Protection Unit for Motor Protection TPU-01,TPU- 04,TPU-06 All machines
7 Ribbon / Sliver Lap Stop Motion Unit RBP-01, SBP – 01 RibbonLap Machine
8 Comber Empty Lap Stop Motion Unit CPC – 01 Comber
9 Dual Timer CSS – 01 Comber
10 Multilevel Sensor to regulate the cotton level in Chute MLC – 03 Chute / Aerofeed
11 Roving Cum Sliver Stop Motion Unit SM-02, SM-03 Speed Frame

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